Our Purpose

To free people from the burdensome process of document management while ensuring their work and inspiration never gets lost in the shuffle.

Our Product

A clean, efficient platform for people to capture and communicate their ideas. And while they do so, we handle all versioning and revision control for them.

Our Focus

To align people rather than control people. We don't do workflow. We give people the right information, and stay out of their way.

DocThreads is a platform people use to communicate while creating or refining a document.

You simply create a thread, invite people, and attach documents and comments to it.

As documents are distributed between people, or across systems, or even to paper, the team knows:
• if all of the copies match
• and if not, which are different
• and exactly what is different between them

As you communicate with people, DocThreads automatically takes care of all versioning, revision history and backups so you don't have to.


You can work when, where, and however makes the most sense for your business, we don't interfere with what you do or weigh you down with processes to follow.

We keep it simple. we let you know when you're all on the same page.


Files are always encrypted. Full end-to-end encryption is provided with password protected files. Even we can't decrypt your protected files.

We can even communicate document alignment states between distributed files without transferring file content.

Licenses are Shared

You don't need to pay anything to connect on a thread with someone with a Standard account or higher. You get to share their license if they've either invited you or accepted your invitation to the thread.

Low Barrier to Entry

No system integration or complex workflow is required. And with our Shared License model getting started is instant.

Improved Awareness

When members of a team have varying perspectives, DocThreads presents them in a clear, visual, and controlled way. Now everyone has a chance to see not only how the team is aligned, but also to learn from their differences in perspective.

Higher Quality Final Product

Because people are more easily able to capture and identify areas where risks, opportunities, and insights occur, the quality of the final document is improved.

Version Control is Automated

All aspects of document versioning, revision history, and maintaining backups are automated. You stay focussed on capturing and communicating your ideas, and we'll do the housekeeping.

Integrated Correspondence and Versioning

Traditionally there are document managment systems, and there are communication systems like email. Correspondence goes in one system and documents go in the other. We keep them together.

No Dependency on Past Process

DocThreads is state driven as opposed to process driven. We accurately reflect the state of things in the present time. People can jump on and off of threads as they wish.

It's about Aligning Our Thinking

A common recurring problem with how businesses approach systems design is they layer on more and more workflow and process onto people in order to keep things under control. The problem is, that you can't really control people, and forcing them to follow a process usually interferes with their work, or pushes them to work outside the system.

What is actually important is that everyone knows when they're aligned, and when they're not, without getting in the way of people's work.

Every Decision is a Business Decision

So many decisions made concerning documents have traditionally been document management decisions required to keep things from getting out of control. For example, file naming conventions have been required to retrieve files based off their names. But the reality is that the naming of documents can be different for different people. For example a consultant may want to name their documents with the client name as part of it while the client does not want to include their own name in every document they work with.

DocThreads' philosophy is that every decision that people make concerning their documents should be a business decision that serves their business purpose.

If something is required to store, retrieve, protect, version, or transport files, then DocThreads can automate that. Computers are good at number crunching and doing repetitive tasks. DocThreads removes that burden from its users so that they can focus on what they have to do best - their business.

Alignment vs. Control

DocThreads' philosophy is that the real task is to align our understanding and align our thinking. We don't control the thinking of others, instead we allow each person to capture their thoughts and perspectives to express themselves to the best of their ability.

Traditional systems have implemented many restrictions on how people work so that they can maintain control. Unfortunately a misguided approach has led to systems which have focused on controlling people, workflow, and IT systems rather than focusing on the control of the business process. The two are vastly different but all too often confused.

DocThreads presents this array of perspectives in a clear, visual, and controlled way so that everyone has a chance to see not only how we are aligned, but also to learn from our differences in perspective. The understanding in how our perspectives differ has been one of the greatest untapped gold mines in collaboration. DocThreads aims to bring that wealth of business knowledge to its users.

Online Compares

DocThreads' compare feature will quickly and clearly show the differences between any two files on the thread.
You can select which versions you want to compare, and how you want the result displayed.
You can open the compare report with the documents side by side and the differences highlighted, or see just differences displayed one after the other.
This demo shows how to compare Excel documents, but it works on most file types, with no change tracking required.