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Welcome to DocThreads online help.

This site provides a simple search ability for help topics and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Enter text into the search field to the right and press the Search button.

This page will be replaced by a listing of any pages that contain all words or phrases that you entered.

More precise searched can be made by surrounding text with quotations. For example, searching the following may return different results.:

  1. Thread name
  2. “Thread name”

Option 1 would check all pages that contain both words, even if they are separated by other text, or even found in different paragraphs.

Option 2 would search for the exact phrase.

Using the Legend for help.

Before even searching this help system, it should be pointed out that legends are located at the ends of the major sections on the threads page. The screenshot below shows how the meanings  of all of the menu items can be referenced just by expanding the menu.